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Yoga is truly for everyone. You are never too young or too old to begin practicing. You do not need to be able to stand on your head or touch your toes to in order to practice yoga. The journey is much deeper than poses; it is the quieting of the mind, the connection to the breath, the expansion of the heart. Yoga is releasing fears that are holding you back and honoring the temple that is your body. Yoga is the unity of mind, body, soul and spirit.  Are you ready to begin?

As a teacher, I pride myself on truly connecting with my students to help them achieve santosha (peace) and samadhi (bliss). While my studio classes are fast-passed, dynamic and incorporate a great deal of strength and flexibilty, my beach yoga classes are lighthearted, uplifting and fun. As a student, I am dedicated to my practice, finding that I am the best version of myself once I have spent time on my own mat, getting lost in a flow. Knowing that my yoga journey has really only just begun, I am excited to write the next chapter of my story...


"I've never practiced yoga before and I'm not very flexible, will I be able to keep up?"

Yes! I offer modifications for most poses, so no matter what your ability level is, everyone is included. 

"What do I need to bring with me to class?"

A big blanket or towel (works better in the sand than a mat), water, sunblock, an extra towel to wipe sand off and good vibes! No negativity, please!

"What if I'm running a little late, can I still join the class?"

Yes, you sure can! Just please be mindful to the other students; try not to disturb their flow. 

"I just came to class for the savasana, is that ok?"

Absolutely! This is your class, your practice. If you want to spend the hour meditating in savasana, then I invite you to do so. Listen to what your body is telling you.

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"What an incredible experience! Cortney is amazing!"

Holli G.

"Cortney's gentle voice is so soothing and peaceful where I can instantly dive into my practice and out of my head. Her fluid transitions and gentle spirit keep me coming back to her classes. She has a beautiful soul and I'm lucky to know her as a friend and an instructor."

Hanna S. 

"Loved, loved, loved this class. Thanks for an awesome night!"
Tammy P.

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